*.*.* About Ruby Starborn *.*.*

Born from stardust, come to this earth to bring people joy and beauty through her jewelry, Ruby Starborn has now settled down in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland.


Ruby lives in her own beautiful world, populated by magical dragons, fairies, unicorns, and mermaids. In Ruby's world, everything sparkles and glows with exquisite gemstones, dark, mysterious silver, and endless possibilities of magic and discovery. Her world is dreamy and ethereal, always filled with beauty, love, and light.

She'd be so happy to make a piece of jewelry just for you, a lucky charm to cherish and wear every day. Your own private piece of magic, so to speak ;)

For those among you who have no preset idea of their ideal necklace, ring, or earring, or who have already seen a Ruby Starborn design on a friend or on this website, Ruby has a treasure chest full of beauties ready to be taken home by you.


All of Ruby's creations are handmade with love at her studio in Zürich. Shoot her an email to set up an appointment for a studio visit :)